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Midwife Michelle Weston:

Midwife and Nurse, Yoga–fan, Loves being in water and swimming, Allotment Gardener, Health-Food-Aficionado, Adores animals especially cats , and probably the only ex-South African who is not a rugby fan!!!

Michelle specializes in Complementary Therapies for pregnancy, birth and after –  Acupuncture, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I have always had a love and interest in all things natural –  food, furniture, clothing, ointments, lotions and potions,etc, and loved my grandma’s “old-fashioned remedies” – they always worked!!
I am amazed, inspired, overjoyed and humbled every day when I see clients’s healing through the use of natural Complementary Therapies and it drives my love and passion for all I do. I do not judge any persons’ individual choice of self-care – whether it be conventional medical treatments and/or natural Complementary Therapies. Anyone wondering if using Complementary Therapies is for them – most therapies have no damaging side-effects and does not cause any harm when provided by a trained professional therapist, and simply stimulates the body to self heal.
Try it, you might be amazed!
Yoga and Complementary Therapies fit together like Yin and Yang – side by side, both self-healing to your body. Following my wonderful first encounter with Acupuncture I discovered Yoga and have experienced further amazing changes and healing in my body – I cannot recommend it enough to every person I meet. My wish is for every person to experience the wonderful healing – physical, psychological and mental –  that Yoga will bless you with.