Aromatherapy treatments are usually administered via the skin through massage on the body – a full body massage; head,neck and shoulders; back; lower legs and feet; and via the respiratory tract through inhalation.  

Aromatherapy treatments are effective for Stress, Anxiety, Sleep disturbances and Insomnia, Tiredness and Fatigue, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (common colds and sinusitis), Constipation and Hemorrhoids.

It can help relief of nausea and sickness in pregnancy, and support postnatal recovery – healing of the perineum, vulval varicosities and hemorrhoids, and breast engorgement.

Certain essential oils stimulate contractions and are used in combination with other therapies to support the stimulation of spontaneous labour from 37 to 42 weeks gestation.   


Aromatherapy Pricelist:

All Consultation: 60 -75 minutes – £75

All appointments Home visits.