Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a structured therapeutic treatment, a researched evidence-based medical intervention – safe, free from side-effects, cost effective and time-efficient.

Hypnosis – defined as a physical and mental state of highly focussed concentration.

Hypnotherapy – the process of inducing a state of hypnosis and using positive suggestions for a therapeutic purpose; treating illness with hypnosis, for example, in dealing with physical pain or psychological problems.

Hypnosis is simply a state of focused attention, where the mind is so focused on one thought that it excludes anything else. When a person is so focused and engrossed in one task or idea that they lose track of time, “lost in their thought”, or “in their zone” – they are in a state of hypnosis. In this hypnosis state physical relaxation often occurs and outside distractions fade away allowing the mind to clearly focus on one thing at a time.

Clinical Hypnotherapy incorporates a range of methodologies within the hypnosis state,  which includes physical relaxation and a state of mental focus and receptiveness, assisting the person who is receiving the hypnotherapy treatment to take control of their condition and effect a change within themselves. It is a conscious experience, and the person will be aware and completely in control throughout the pleasant relaxing treatment; it is safe and the therapist simply guides them through the experience. Hypnotherapy will help you to manage stress, anxiety, goal setting and aid relaxation,  and provide you with the internal tools and ability to help yourself.

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