Nausea and Sickness in Pregnancy

Nausea and sickness in pregnancy is a medical condition which affects 50-90 % of women . It is often regarded as a normal symptom of pregnancy and the term ” morning sickness” used erroneously to describe the debilitating symptoms commonly believed to resolve by the end of the first trimester. The reality is that less than 3 % of women suffer with nausea and sickness only in the morning; most women suffer throughout the day and night; and the symptoms continue for almost 90% of women until after 20 weeks gestation, and up to 45% of women suffer throughout their pregnancy. Women report the persistent nausea as the most distressing symptom of this medical condition.

Medical treatments are available, however women report that often it is only offered when symptoms becomes severe, at admission to hospital for dehydration, or the condition remains prolonged throughout pregnancy. Several trials have shown these medications are safe to use in pregnancy; but women often do not wish to use conventional drugs in pregnancy, or at least wish to try natural remedies first, before commencing medication.

Michelle uses complementary therapies to help reduce your symptoms, which can be used in combination with conventional medications.  All the treatments are safe to use in pregnancy and will be adjusted to your personal circumstances.

Initial Consultation appointment: 90 minutes  – £75.

Follow-up appointments: 45 / 60 minutes – £50 / £65.

Home visits available.