Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that a smaller area of the body (e.g. feet /hands/ears/face) represent the whole of the body – a map of our organs, glands and skeletal structure. During a reflexology session the practitioner provides a manual treatment and manipulation on the feet, which aims to trigger a response in the relevant representing organ or area of the body.

The approach in Reflexology is that the physio-pathological changes in the body are reflected in one or both feet, and the appropriate reflexology treatment – manipulation, pressure, stimulation or sedation on the corresponding areas of the body on the feet will treat the affected distal areas in the body. Reflexology does not diagnose but instead aims to help relieve symptoms of conditions, prevent further complications, and trigger the body’s own innate healing capacity.

Reflexology treatments in pregnancy are safe, effective and drug free; and can make you feel wonderfully relaxed, boost energy levels, help balance hormones, support your immune system, detox and improve your digestion, and stimulate your body’s circulatory and lymphatic system.

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