“Hi Michelle, we wanted to let you know that our little man made his appearance and the birth went really well – it was super fast and we had our wished-for waterbirth, your advice and words helped us so much, we were able to stay chilled and in control, which was all brilliant. We have had some issues with breastfeeding but your advice during the classes has REALLY helped me. I was being hard on myself and getting really upset, but then revisited the information and remembered what you said – it has really helped me and I subsequently am getting there – 100% wort it! thanks again for everything – your classes were amazing.” Feedback from Antenatal class couple: January 2020.

“Dear Michelle, our baby made a speedy entrance this morning at 3:20am at 33 weeks – he’s tiny and gorgeous, doing well and we are being very well cared for – just as you said! A was the best birth partner throughout and even though we did not have the planned waterbirth, birth plan, not even a hospital bag ( ha ha!!) – it really didn’t matter in the end. Thank you for everything you have taught us – we remembered more than we thought we would and everything has been so helpful.” Feedback from Antenatal class couple: July 2019.  

Hi Michelle, we wanted to thank you for the Antenatal classes we had with you – after a tough labour and forceps delivery our little one finally arrived weighing a mighty 9lb 6oz!! We are in utter love with our little man and wanted to thank you for the invaluable advice during the course – we would not have dealt with it all as well without the insight and perspective you have given us. thank you, with love.” Feedback from Antenatal class couple: March 2019.

“Dear Michelle, just to let you know your Acupuncture skills has a 100% success rate – our gorgeous boy was born this morning, only 20 hours after your treatment! Thank you!”.  Marjorie- Twickenham: Acupuncture treatment for overdue pregnancy to avoid induction of labour – April 2018.

“Hi Michelle, it all happened lovely and quick: My waters broke 2 hours after your last treatment and contractions started a few hours later. I went from 3cm to 7cm in about 10 minutes and only used gas and air – it was an amazing experience. Thank you so much for your all your help and the treatments – it made a massive difference to my labour and birth and my total outlook on it all. Mom and baby are doing great, happy and healthy”.  ESG – Teddington: Acupuncture treatments to stimulate spontaneous labour to avoid medical induction of labour – March 2018.

“The support and care that my baby and I revived from Michelle was truly incredible. The time that she spent with our family was invaluable. Our appointments were never rushed and any concerns we had Michelle helped us through them. For both my husband and I, we have never felt so reassured by a health professional before, the genuine care we both felt from Michelle was unique. We feel extremely lucky that we meet Michelle and that we had her in those early weeks caring for our baby”. CM – Teddington: Hypnotherapy treatments for postnatal anxiety – December 2017.

“Celebrating my second daughters’ birthday just after Christmas made me remember: I met Michelle in my first pregnancy, and she has been my midwife for both my daughters’ births – which are both amazing memories thanks to Michelle! Her outstanding professional competence – it was incredible to watch her “working” – always very calm, focused, and so very kind at the same time. Her selfless personality and kindness makes her a very rare breed in this world – anyone who can have her support and experience her skills is a very lucky person!”. Hella – Twickenham: Reflexology treatments for overdue pregnancies, antenatal and postnatal support – December 2017.

“I just want to say thank you for the treatment session I had with you last week – I had the most incredible birth! After I saw you I had mild contractions on and off which eventually subsided. I had a great night’s sleep (the first one in months) and felt full of energy the next morning. The rest of the day I started feeling very constipated ( well, that’s what I thought) but by early evening my partner realized I was actually in labour and about to give birth. We phoned the emergency services and they were amazing in guiding him what to do, and they arrived very shortly after I had an unplanned homebirth!! But it was absolutely amazing! Most women I know would think this is the worst scenario for their first baby but we were both so calm when it all happened; I cannot believe how anxious I was before and so fearful of labour and birth and the induction.  Thank you for the treatment and talking to me, you really helped me to relax – I believe this is why I had such an amazing experience – a natural birth without drugs – which I so very much wanted. Thank you from all three of us. ”   GL – Whitton: Reflexology for overdue pregnancy to avoid induction of labour – December 2017.

“After one treatment I started having contractions after  a few hours. I was seen at the hospital the next morning and it was confirmed I was in the early stages of labour .I felt the treatment had moved things along substantially and I would not be needing a second caesarian section after all. My beautiful daughter was born later that evening – thank you for your Acupuncture skills Michelle –  you are wonderful”.   Louisa – Teddington: Acupuncture for overdue pregnancy to avoid ELCS – November 2017.

” Hi Michelle; I just want to say thank you. I had the acupuncture treatment with you and continued to do the pressure points you taught me at home – labour started after about 24 hours and I did not need the induction after all. I really believe it was the treatment that changed it all, I could feel something had changed in my body, and I am so grateful to you. I had a normal birth – Thank you”.  SG – Hounslow: Acupuncture treatment for overdue pregnancy to avoid induction of labour – November 2017.

” I just want to say thank you again. I was looking through my pregnancy photo’s and remembered how kind you were to me in the darkest of days. I don’t think I will ever recover from my traumatic birth experience, but meeting you after, and through your support and advice you gave me hope and light at the end of the tunnel, helping to turn some of those memories around. Our baby is the joy of our lives. Best regards and thank you so much again”.   Vicky – Twickenham: Breastfeeding support and Hypnotherapy for anxiety and recovery after a traumatic birth experience – 2017.