Michelle has a fervent interest in Yoga and how it benefits and heals our bodies, and has personally experienced the “magic of yoga”. She has firsthand seen the immense health benefits and healing capacity of a regular yoga practice for women during pregnancy and following birth, and fellow yogi’s with a variety of health problems – neck/shoulder/back/knee/hip pain and injuries, recovery after surgery or sports injury, infertility problems, depression, anxiety issues, menopause, weight-loss etc.

There is an ever increasing amount of research evidence of the health benefits to mind and body through a regular yoga practice:

  • increases fitness – muscle strength, flexibility, improved respiratory and cardiovascular endurance
  • improves cardiovascular system  – reduced blood pressure and cholesterol
  • reduces pain – especially for skeletal pain and arthritic conditions
  • weight loss
  • endocrine system – stabilises blood sugar levels and hormones
  • improves anxiety issues and depression
  • boosts the immune system and improves overall health
  • improves body image

Research provides evidence that Yoga is more effective than other physical therapies in reducing pain, anxiety and depression. Yoga has immense mental and psychological benefits – teaching you to listen to your body; become more self aware and mindful to the world and people around you; yoga helps you to gain emotional and spiritual strength to reflect inward and address personal issues – anxieties, conflicts, hopes, fears. Yoga teaches you to listen and understand how your state of mind impacts directly on your physical health and well being; and how you yourself can change it; with the end result of you becoming a healthier, happier and more content human being.

Michelle believes: “Change your thoughts and you can change your world” – this is what yoga teaches you.

Namaste –  “I bow to the divine in you”.

Mich yoga - wheel